The stars of tomorrow will be born on Stage.
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The music 3.0
Where your talent or your votes can make music dreams come true.
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Introducing stage
Stage is a new music-only platform.
It combines the narrative impetus of TV talent competitions with a sleek, gamified user experience, and a unique play-to-earn model.
Introducing stage
Artists upload video performances to compete in round-based competitions.
Fans pay to vote for their favorite artists and win stage badges: unique digital collectibles, packed with exclusive prizes.
Artists take home 60% of the proceeds spent voting for them.
Introducing stage
Stage is using cutting-edge Web 3 technology to build a totally new business model for the music industry – one where artists can easily make money from their work, and fans are rewarded for their support. On stage, both artists and fans win.
Your own unique digital collectible.
Packed with exclusive artist prizes
Behind the scenes content
One-off merchandise and early bird tickets
Access-only artist communities
Become part of an innovative musical journey.
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Jerry Heil
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Meet our team.
Our mission is to empower music fans to support upcoming talent and be rewarded for it, while enabling those artists to quickly monetize and grow their fan bases and thus have proper support on their path to stardom.
André Cruz
CEO & Co-founder
Musician & E-Commerce. 3 exited ventures ($2M/y)
Geoffrey Doyen
CTO & Co-founder
AI neural solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Serial entrepreneur
Francisco Quartin de Macedo
COO & Co-founder
Ex-Trading Desk Lead at
Parker Howard
Founder at Tunepics; ex-creative at Adidas and Chelsea FC
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